With compliance in mind, EMS Financial Services offers an array of expert consulting and educational services that help ambulance and medical transportation service providers increase revenue, drive quicker payments, and optimize revenue cycle management.


EMS Financial Services conducts detailed claims audits of client billing practices for documentation and billing compliance. We review and analyze a sampling of ambulance claims and provide a comprehensive report of statistical findings and recommendations. The report includes a traceability matrix that associates each finding with the corresponding regulation in an easy-to-digest and actionable format.

All payers have different rules by which they process claims for payment. We specialize in reviewing claims billed to regulated payers – Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid managed care. Our team has experience navigating medical transportation regulations for all payers.

We also review the results with clients to promote learning and provide additional clarity regarding complex transactions or compliance requirements.


EMS Financial Services conducts end-to-end operational assessments to help clients ensure revenue integrity and compliance.  Best practices that can impact reimbursement and compliance need to start when the request for service is received by a call center or dispatcher. It follows that request and the associated documentation process as it moves to field personnel (paramedics and EMTs) and eventually through complex coding and billing efforts to the back end and the management of self-pay accounts. We look at every step of the workflow from the receipt of the call for service to the back-end of the billing process.

Our team understands the documentation requirements and the nuances of relevant regulations that are often ambiguous. We offer proven strategies and process recommendations that help clients maintain compliance and optimize billing processes.


EMS Financial Services conducts a variety of customized workshops and training sessions for client teams. Whether you are looking for an introduction to the documentation requirements for ambulance billing and reimbursement or educational programs on more advanced topics, we have a solution.

We routinely deliver engaging live and online presentations to groups ranging from 2 to 500 attendees. We can also support conference and webinar events with thoughtful analyses of industry trends, interactive discussions of evolving regulatory requirements and expert views on shifting industry practices. Contact us to learn how we can develop and deliver a custom training program for your team.


EMS Financial Services has practical experience in all aspects of ambulance billing and reimbursement procedures. We are happy to share the educational content below!

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